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Memorial Maria Luisa Photocontest 2015

For the second time now, one of my pictures made it to the finalists in Memorial Maria Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contest Landscape category and got an Honorable Mention award. I am very grateful for this recognition!
View all the winning images and finalists here :

This video below is full of great images with suitable music from Memorial Maria Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contest.

Full screen and headphones ensure a vivid experience.
Natural Landscapes start at 11:55.

Video of winners

Desperate measures

Desperate measures Today the conditions were very difficult for taking a good landscape picture. I had to use unusual parameters, that I would not normally use. Wide aperture, high iso, fast exposure. Because in every 2 seconds waves splashed over my head. There was no way to use my tripod. I had my back to the sea, protecting my camera and in between the waves I tried to snap some pictures as quickly as possible. The filters needed to be wiped after each wave. 15 minutes later my clothes were soaking wet and I had to get back to my car. But the exciting and interesting foreground forced me to try these desperate measures.