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Perfect foreground

I find myself visiting this place quite often. I have a perfect picture from this place in my head. So far I have not managed to capture this image. At times the light and colors in the sky are good, another times I find an amazing foreground. Which do you think is better here? 

Happy new year!

I am happy to start the year with good news. For the second time my image is on the cover of one of the leading landscape photography magazines LPM January issue. It is a great honor for me!
I hope you all will have a great year ahead of you. Don't forget to dream and dream big! :)

Landscape Photography Magazine

My gear

Sometimes I am asked, what gear I use. For me it`s also interesting to know what other photographers use.
So here are the things I use:
Canon 5DM2
Sony Alpha7R
C.Zeiss 24-70 F4 FE
Canon 17-40 F4 USM
Canon 24-105 F4 IS USM
Canon 50 F1,8
Sigma 150 F2,8
Manfrotto 055CXPRO3
Manfrotto 498, 804RC2
Lee Filters 0,3; 0,6; 0,9 Hard&Grad
Lee 105mm Circular Polarizer Filter
Hoya C.Polarizer & ND8
Spare batterys, angle finder, CF memory cards, Microfiber Cloths, remote controls etc.
If you have a shot or notes of your gear, you can put it right here, under comments.
Thank you!

Cafe Cotta

Collection of my photos is up now in a café named Cotta. Nice and cozy place, and these large prints of mine seem to add some suitable atmosphere. This is my third exhibition.
Minu pildid on nüüdsest üleval Kohvik Cotta `s Kadrioru piiril. Astuge läbi, et nautida külmades õhtutes kohvi või mitmekäigulisi õhtusööke. See on minu kolmas näitus.

The first real cold

Few nights were quite cold and it showed in nature. Bog pools were sealed with ice. Unfortunately the air was too dry and therefore there was no frost, which would have been very beautiful. I know that several photographers where capturing these conditions in Estonian bogs - Tarmo, Jaak, Margus, Andrus. Perhaps someone else as well?
In any case, it was a clear sign that real winter is not far away. I hope that I will have more time soon to go out on my phototrips and to share what I have captured with you all.
In the mean time, keep your eyes open for those signs and signals from nature and enjoy the season you are in which ever one you have at the moment!


Sometimes nature behaves extraordinarily. You can consider yourself lucky if you happen to witness these moments and be at the right place at the right time. When you realize that you are witnessing something unusual, it sets pressure on you.
You know that you just absolutely must bring back at least a good photo (if not a great one). Failing will guarantee regretting your decisions you made and didn't make.
There is no sign of real winter anywhere, skies are gray and bleakness is everywhere you look. Just few days ago we had a storm and strong winds. Lakes and the likes were already covered with ice, but this cover was now broken by these strong winds. Nature's power has no limits. Northeast corner of Võrtsjärv's shore received these huge piles of ridged ice. It was a strange and spectacular site. Behind me were those dark bare trees, the ground was muddy and in front of me was like a different world. I felt as if I had stepped in from a door of some kind and I did not …


In the evening I made plans to go out to shoot (take photos) in the morning. Meteorological Center predicted that by morning there will be array of clouds coming from north east. But that meant that the sun that rises the ...opposite direction, would give light and color to those approaching clouds and the sunrise seemed promising. Well, you can never be certain in the weather prognosis but chances were pretty good. One question remained, where exactly was I supposed to be in order to capture this magnificent light. It all depended on how quickly those clouds were moving. That also meant that I had to pick an unknown place for me. Lately weather has been changing quickly, cold alternating with thaw. Nature around here had nothing spectacular to offer, the fields were all thinly covered with snow, waters sealed with ice + snow, and the dry air didn´t make it possible for the trees to frost to make them white and stand out from the background. The sea was not frozen and there were no bl…