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Finally I managed to capture a perfect morning. All the conditions were filled for a good picture. Watching the weather forecast, I was hoping for something like this.And when I saw this actually happening I was filled with joy. The early spring in bog offered a final chance to to capture winter this year. This opportunity could not be missed. Fresh snow, bog pools covered with black ice, - 15 C, frosty trees, beautiful thick fog - all of it in the light of morning sun. What else could you possibly want!Special conditions however, put you under pressure - you just absolutely have to bring a good photo. And the anxiety arises. Adrenaline is high and I just can not afford any mistakes, I need to utilize everything I know and everything I have learned. I need to find a good composition, I can not miss the moments of great light. Being there, I almost felt as if I was in some sort of fairytale land, nature let me see most beautiful side of her. Black ice and fresh snow make great contras…


That evening I took my daughters along with me to the sea side. Weather was warmer, but it was windy by the shore. We kept our eyes open, perhaps we would find something interesting to use as foreground next time. I had taken my tripod along, just in case - never know when good light appears. The seawater had risen and the waves had removed all the sand dunes on entire coast. So we decided to to draw in the sand (my daughters are 3 and 6 years old ) After a while, sun had already set behind the horizon, bright intense red colors appeared in the sky. I knew that I didn´t have a good foreground. No large rocks, no pieces of old rope or stumps. The only thing that caught my attention was this set of broken straws. That was it, nothing on the left or right but emptiness. At first glance these straws did not seem too attractive, the seabed shone through and water was littery. That´s why I decided to experiment with long exposure, to achieve the smoothness of the water that looks more mist…


Usually when I go out to take photos, I have already picked out a place where to go. I make the choice depending on the weather conditions and drawing conclusions from it. Spectacular conditions can bring life into a rather ordinary location and make it a lot more attractive. This evening I was headed to the seashore, because clouds looked very promising and northen winds make waves nice and long. But on my way, I noticed that on the opposite direction a huge cloud formation was building up and that made me change my plans. Because the massive cloud was on the opposite side of the sky from the sunset, so I figured it must get some great colors.So basically I started chasing this cloud, constantly checking surroundings to see if there would anything suitable for my photo. As the season was still very early spring, all the trees were still bare and didn´t look too great for my plans. Near villages there are a lot of houses and powerlines and other obvious signs of civilization. When th…


Last night I decided not to go to sleep at all. Sun rises at 4 am this time of year and I want to be at the location at least an hour before that, so I decided not to drive myself crazy trying to wake up after an hour or two of sleep and decided just to stay up.  Left home in the middle of the night and hoped for something spectacular, as the last 3 times I had went out to shoot, I basically got nothing. But as I had hoped, this morning was different and my photo-shoot turned out to be long one.
Because there was no fog, I decided to go to the sea shore first. According to weather forecast observations, it was supposed to start raining shortly after sunrise, so my hopes were up to see some spectacular cloud formations, but there was not much color , the sky was too clear for that.  But the rainclouds were approaching from opposite direction of the sunrise, so I had turn my back to the sun, go to the opposite side of the peninsula and focus on the approaching clouds. Green moss in the…


This place became  especially popular this summer. An old opencast mine that has been filled with water, is attracting many people to go and enjoy it´s crystal clear water during summer. This place is favored by divers and people who just like to jump into water from as high as possible. But these unusual surroundings are also inviting to a lot of photographers. I have been there for several other photography projects and I wanted to take some shots on my own of this industrial landscape. When just scouting for locations, I had already picked the angle but I didn´t have very precise idea how it will all look through the viewfinder. I only had these excellent examples of Karel Kravik´s industrial landscape images in my mind. His style is dramatic and  brings  great depth into his pictures. I on the other hand wanted to somehow simplify and bring out the beauty of this place.  The clear green water gave me the opportunity to do just that. The mountain of limestone leftovers in the backg…