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Open water

Photography is much-loved hobby around here and probably everywhere.
Last weekend, nature offered magnificent opportunities for photographers to capture it's beauty. And these opportunities weren't missed !  Most photographers have great interest and respect towards nature and many of them knew where are the best places to capture these weather conditions. It is almost like an instinct, like animals know where to go when usual places with fresh water have dried up and everyone is headed to these last wet spots to erase their thirst. So the same for photographers, they were all headed towards the same spots. This gave a really good overview of how different people see the same place from different angles. From the same day when this picture was taken, I know at least 6 other photographers that visited this place on the same day. There were fresh footprints on the snow and I am sure, more footprints were left there throughout the day. Suru bog 12.01.2014

At the right place at the right time

Sometimes you just happen to be at the right place at the right time and get a good photo. But  after years of experience I am really trying to follow my observations rather than randomly hoping for colorful sky or some other specific condition in the nature.
Freshly fallen snow and open water have always facinated me.
I was checking the sattelite pictures to figure out which direction the clouds were going this morning. I realized that this morning might offer wonderful colors so I was certain that I must go. I didn't have to regret that decision